Tree surgeons in Bedfordshire

A tree surgeon is a person who treats and prunes old or damaged trees in order to preserve them. This article will give you information on the services offered by tree surgeons bedfordshire and why you need them.

Crown Reduction

This involves making the tree canopy smaller. Crown reduction involves 10-30% removal of branch wood. This gives the tree a smaller size while maintaining it’s natural form. Other than crown reduction, tree surgeons offer crown thinning and lifting. Crown lifting is the removal of lower branches to allow access and to also give ground clearance. Crown thinning is the removal of branches within the crown. It shapes the tree while reducing wind resistance and shade offered by the tree.

Tree felling and dismantling

Felling a tree in a small space is a difficult task but not to a tree surgeon. Using their machinery tree surgeons are able to fell a large tree in a confined space. Tree dismantling is the proper term for the gradual felling of a tree. It involves use of heavy machinery like cranes. A surgeon will do all this while ensuring no nearby property is damaged.

Stump Grinding

After a tree is felled, the remaining stump may not be a pleasant sight. As such tree surgeons can remove the stump leaving the area free for fresh planting or something else. The stump is ground out mechanically.

Other services offered by a tree surgeon include pollarding, pruning, scrub clearance, site restoration and tree planting services. Pollarding generally includes reducing the tree completely by removing the upper branches of a tree. It promotes regeneration of the tree. So if you are in Bedfordshire and require tree surgeon services you can contact us. If your tree situation has not been mentioned on here, still feel free to call us or visit our website on.